A foreword by Poggie's children

Dancing, sniggering mice, piano playing sloths, sageful turkeys and flat, grey thingummy things. What a wonderful menagerie of fantastical creatures reside within these pages.  We, Poggie’s progeny, are well acquainted with them all.

They enriched our childhood and wait close by in the shadows of our adult lives ready to renew friendships and cheer us up when times get tough.  Who, for instance, would swap their fate with the itchy, scratching wool-allergic shoop (that’s a singular sheep, you know) and whose daily grind could really be worse than the Lion King’s barber, the piranha’s dentist or the centipede’s cobbler?

Whatever your age, these delightful stories and poems will make you smile.  They are our mother’s gift to her children, inspired by genius, illustrated with enchantment and infused with love.  They have formed our world and our identities and, by sharing them on this website, Poggie hopes to similarly amaze you.

You can let her know what you think by clicking on the feedback button (no nasty postings please or you might find yourself at the mercy of those pesky mice).  And if you were wondering, she also slips into the characters of Pat Bigglebum, Weetabix and Bisto.